Welcome to Analyze, born from Fancy Shmancy Medical Pigmentation!

We are dedicated to revolutionizing the medical pigmentation industry through comprehensive education and hands-on training. Our primary focus is ensuring our artists are not only skilled but also confidently prepared to operate in their clinics.


In-depth Education:

Explore the nuances of scar and stretch mark camouflage, inkless stretch marks, lightening hyperpigmentation scars, surgical scar relaxation inkless, areola 3D tattoo, and lip neutralization.

Mentoring and Coaching:

Beyond in-person courses, we provide mentoring and coaching to fully prepare our students before clinic engagement.

Student Kits:

Each course includes a carefully curated kit featuring products from recognized, legitimate companies, prioritizing quality and authenticity.

Medical-Grade Inks:

Rest assured, our courses use US-approved medical-grade inks, ensuring safety and compliance with the highest standards.


Meet the founder:

Liana, a pioneer with 15 years in medical pigmentation, developed her innovative technique over the past two years. Drawing inspiration from her experience as a nail technician and observations of her hairstylist friends, she utilizes skin analysis to create personalized formulas, ensuring impeccable results.

Ready to Transform Your Career?

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