Insurance for Areola Tattoos – What is Covered

Breast cancer survivors can be left with feelings of insecurity due to the life saving surgeries and procedures they had to undergo.

Having one or both breasts removed makes some women hate even looking at themselves in the mirror, and scarring from surgeries only increases this problem.

Thankfully, reconstructive surgery, implants, paramedical tattooing and scar camouflage can help post-cancer women feel confident in their bodies and ready to tackle the next chapter of their lives.

The only question is… how are you going to pay for it?

Will your insurance cover areola procedures or will you be forced to cover the entire cost yourself?

Keep reading to find the answer to that and other questions regarding areola tattoo insurance.

Do You Need To Cover Paramedical Tattooing With Insurance?

Not necessarily. Depending on the type of procedure you want, you could pay for it yourself.

Many people who come to paramedical tattooing clinics like Fancy Shmancy are simply looking to get their dream eyebrows or some simple permanent makeup to make their morning routines hassle-free for the rest of their lives.

But areola tattooing is specifically designed to help cancer survivors and is best rolled into the overall cost of reconstructive procedures.

Liana Reznik does a thorough job on every patient who arrives at Fancy Shmancy. When your insurance pays for 50 to 100% of the overall cost, you can experience the benefits of this thoroughness without worrying about how much it’s going to cost you.

Insurance Companies That Cover Areola Tattooing

Another common concern is that your particular insurance provider will not cover this type of procedure.

Fortunately, the Women’s Health And Cancer Rights Act means that medical insurance and catastrophic illness insurance must pay for reconstructive surgery and similar procedures for women who have had a mastectomy.

That being said, you will need to have the proper type of health insurance and or catastrophic illness insurance in place before you can take advantage of these benefits.

Here are five insurance companies that will help you pay for Areola Tattooing.

  1. Mutual of Omaha
  2. Aflac
  3. Blue Cross Blue shield
  4. US Alliance
  5. Humana

Insuring Your Provider Covers Your Areola Tattooing Procedure

We all know insurance companies like to drag their feet. How are you going to make sure you’re not stuck paying the entire bill for your upcoming Areola Tattooing session?

The most important thing is knowing what procedures your medical insurance or catastrophic illness insurance provider will cover.

  • Reconstructive surgery for the breast.
  • Paramedical tattooing for the purpose of nipple reconstruction.
  • Paramedical tattooing to cover scars from treatment and or reconstructive surgery/implants.

If you have already had your initial areola tattooing procedure and are simply looking for a touch up it may not be covered by your insurance. Talk to your provider and your doctor to see what your options are.

Communicating With Your Doctor

Good communication between you and your doctor will help ensure they communicate properly with Liana and your insurance company.

Insurance companies are legally obligated to cover certain procedures for cancer survivors who have had a single or double mastectomy. However, if your doctor does not properly communicate your situation and the need for reconstructive plastic surgery and paramedical tattooing you may not get the amount of coverage you need.

Typically, you can get 50-100% of the cost of areola tattooing covered by your medical insurance. This is only if you meet the minimum requirements.

By talking with your doctor and adding your areola tattooing sessions to your overall line up of breast reconstructive procedures you’re protecting yourself. It’s much easier for an insurance company to claim that your medical tattooing is not a necessary part of reconstructive surgery if it is not added to your overall post-cancer reconstruction plan.

Communicating With Fancy Shmancy

There needs to be clear communication between your doctor, your insurance company, and the fancy shmancy clinic for your nipple tattooing procedure to be fully covered.

The clinic will provide your insurance provider with all the necessary documents to ensure you pay as little as possible.

Women’s Health And Cancer Right Act

If you want to cover scars related to a mastectomy or other cancer treatments the WHCRA is a big help when covering treatment costs through your insurance company.

You can click the link above to read more about the women’s health and cancer right act, but here’s a short list of reasons why it is your number one asset when trying to get insurance coverage for reconstructive breast surgery and tattooing.

  • Your insurance must cover reconstructive procedures related to a double or single mastectomy, according to the WHCRA
  • If one breast is removed insurance companies must cover procedures to reconstruct the removed breast and make the remaining breast match, according to the WHCRA
  • All stages of reconstructive surgery, tattooing, etc must be covered by your provider.

This act applies to both personal insurance coverage and group coverage provided by your employer or union.

Your doctor should be aware of this act and able to help you qualify for the protection it offers. Just remember that even if you do qualify you may not get 100% of the cost covered. Be prepared to pay 10-50% of the total cost.

If you have already begun reconstructive procedures and are just starting to think about adding nipple reconstruction to the roster, you may still be able to get your areola tattooing coverage. Talk to your doctor as soon as you can so that the two of you can work out a plan to get as much of the cost covered as possible.

If you have questions about the procedure itself, typical cost, etc contact Fancy Schmancy Clinic. Liana Reznik can answer any questions or concerns you may have before scheduling your initial consultation.


Will my insurance cover my consultation as well as my Areola Tattooing?

Yes. The consultation is in necessary part of getting an Areola tattoo, and is therefore covered for patients who have had a mastectomy.

How do I check to see if my insurance covers Paramedical Tattooing?

Talk to your doctor and insurance provider. Medical insurance and catastrophic illness insurance are required by law to pay for breast and nipple reconstruction procedures if you have had a single or double mastectomy.

Author: Liana Reznik