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Inkless tattoo

What is the inkless method for treating stretchmark and scars?

The inkless method is one of the best solutions for improving the appearance of stretchmarks and scars, with more and more people releasing how effective the treatment can be. It can also help treat lines and wrinkles. Many people have never heard of this treatment and have no idea how effective it can be at treating scars, lines and stretch marks.

Inkless tattooing is also known as MCA Needling (multiphasic collagen actuation). "dry" tattooing, medical needling, and inkless needling. The treatment used to be performed dry, using only tattoo needles. However, due to legislative changes, this treatment now must be carried out using a product, such as hyaluronic acid or other serums suitable for needling. Preforming the treatments with a serum allows vitamins and healing ingredients to be deposited into skin, helping the skin to heal better and Faster.

Many of our clients have spent a fortune on laser for Stretch marks and scar with no luck, but then have an improvement after just one session of inkless method.

Although the treatment utilizes needles to essentially cause controlled trauma to the skin for it to repair and restructure. This is not the same as traditional micro needling. , micro needling uses a different machine with larger cartridges contain many more needles. The inkless stretch mark treatment uses tattoo machines and cartridges with smaller number of needles which are able to penetrate the skin more easily, and target only the scar area which needs repairing.

MCA needling/ the inkless method is clinically proven to be far more effective at treating scars and stretch marks compared to micro needling. MCA needling is a medical procedure which needs be carefully performed by those qualified and insured to carry out this treatment.



Inkless Tattoo for Stretch Marks

‍A specialized and one of the safest treatments to fade or dramatically improve stretch marks with a dry (inkless) tattoo needle. The Inkless Tattoo reduces red, purple, and stubborn white stretch marks by 20-50% after one session. A series of two sessions 8 weeks apart is recommended for best results.


Inkless Tattoo for Scars

A specialized and one of the safest treatments to smooth out the scar tissue with a dry (inkless) tattoo needle. All kinds of acne, surgical, injury, breast lift, tummy tuck, and other scars can be treated that are 18+ months old.


Cost: Pricing starts from $450. Full cost of procedure will be determined at consultation and is dependant on the number of areas and sessions required.