Liana Reznik


Liana has made an appearance on the show Destination Chicago and won awards from Autobiography Who’s Who, American Marquis Influencer, and the USA Society for Medical Pigmentation.

She is also the exclusive artist for the Sauler Institute Medical and Cosmetic Tattooing in Illinois. Training and Education

In 2009 Liana finished the first step in her education by graduating from PMU school.

But this was only the first step in her career.

Just one year later in 2010, Liana became an official medical esthetician. She loved being able to help women feel beautiful and confident without using invasive or damaging treatments on their skin. She became a medical pigmentation artist in 2011 and is considered to be one of the top medical estheticians in her area .

Today, she’s a master trainer in 3D Areola, Scar Camouflage, and Stretch Mark Camouflage.

Moving to America

Liana has lived in America for over 12 years where she continues to change the lives of women who struggle to love their bodies and feel confident.

Unfortunately, Liana faced the struggle that many licensed professionals face when coming to America… Unaccepted licenses.

She had earned a tattooing license, but the license was not accepted in the United States.

Because of this, Liana became a nail technician in Winnetka. While working in Winnetka, Liana began to feel the desire for change. Her boss (Jackie) inspired Liana to get back into tattooing, only this time she would be working in the medical field.

Liana eventually became licensed to work in Illinois as a medical tattoo artist providing permanent makeup and medical pigmentation tattoo.

She then opened the Fancy Shmancy Medical Pigmentation in Higland Park Illinois and has been changing lives ever since.

Helping Others Feel Fancy Shmancy

Many of Liana’s patients are cancer survivors who have scars from surgery and treatment.

Paramedical tattooing completely erases or greatly reduces the appearance of scars, which helps women feel like themselves again.

And no medical esthetician clinic would be complete without micro-blading and permanent makeup services.

Schedule a consultation with Liana today to continue your journey of healing and self-growth.